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Simplekits is a design system that focuses on laying a strong foundation of core components that allow you to quickly edit and build the rest of your project without spending too much time recreating all the elements over and over again with every new project.

It's time to stop remaking every component from scratch and start using a design system that has the most common components ready to go so that you can get straight to the creative stuff.

Designed & Built with and for Figma ❤️


An onboarding document to get you startedTypography & Color style guides1000s of individual components/variations100s of prebuilt & predefined UI elements20+ premade website sectionsA nested component system for quick customization

Who is simplekits built for?

In short, everyone! We kept simplekits as simple and easy to use as possible, so whether you are new to design and just want to design a quick website, or are an experienced designer fed up of remaking everything from scratch with every new project, simplekits is right for you.

What's inside this awesome kit?

Well, where do we start?!

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Simplekits Design System

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